Biking in Boise

Boise Green Bike

Spring is in the air and what better activity to get you out of the house then a bike ride in Boise! Boise Greenbike  is a healthy, convenient way for people in Boise to get from one place to another. With over 100 bikes and over a dozen bike station hubs you can “rent” a bike to explore downtown Boise or the scenic tree lines paths of the Greenbelt. Boise Greenbike offers several different pricing options: pay-as-you go for $4 per hour, a monthly fee of $15 and an annual fee for $70. For complete pricing details see the options here.

Reserve Your Bike in FOUR Easy Steps:

  1. RESERVE: Find and reserve a bike using the mobile app or on the bicycle itself.
  2. RELEASE: Enter your 4 digit PIN code to unlock the bike.
  3. RIDE: Enjoy your ride! If for any reason you notice a problem press the “repair” button and follow these steps.
  4. RETURN: When you are done with your ride just lock up your bike at a hub location.




Photos by Kelsey Hawes from Boise Weekly.






photos by Kelsey Hawes from Boise Weekly

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