Congrats to Zach

Zach Butler recently traveled to California where he competed in the National Lexus Sales Experience Challenge. It was an intense trip as three other Lexus sales consultants from around the U.S. competed for the national title.


Contestants used the Lexus sound stage. They had 30 minutes to give a customer (an actor Lexus provided) with the ultimate sales experience on the new 2015 Lexus RX350.

UntitledZach’s signature white gloves.

11426049_852362528173167_7641461084542560119_oFirst-Runner Up

To have a national qualifier in a store is a huge honor. We appreciate all the hard-work and effort that Zach put into this project. After he got home we had a celebration in his honor.



Lexus Sales Experience Challenge

2015 Western Conference Champion


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