Drive the Future with a Lexus Hybrid

We are all different, so when it comes to buying a vehicle it is a very personal decision. A question that you may ask yourself during the process of finding that perfect car is, should I buy a hybrid? A Lexus hybrid can offer several advantages over a gas model. At Peterson Lexus we are hear to help, advise and answer any questions you have as you move through the process.

Did you know?

*Lexus  Hybrid vehicles are in their sixth generation of hybrid technology [1]

* Lexus make up 85% of all luxury hybrids [2]

*Lexus vehicles are rated up to 42 MPG [3]

* 300,000,000 gallons of gas saved [4]

* Lexus vehicles are up to 90% recyclable




CT 200h: An impressive compact car with sporty handling and an attractive price. See our CT 200h inventory here.

GS 450h: Where exhilaration meets efficiency. Choose your GS 450h today, contact us at 208.378.9009.

ES 300h:  A luxury sedan that offers more, while using less. See more on the ES 300h here

LS 600h: An exhilarating performance and complete satisfaction in this driver inspired vehicle. We would love to tell you more, contact us here.

RX 450h: Experience the most efficient RX hybrid to date without sacrificing performance. See our RX 450h inventory here.




[1] Based on on hybrid vehicle sales of luxury line maker as of January 2014.

[2] Based on 2014 EPA-estimated mpg ratings of 43/40/42 city/hwy/combined for 2014 CT 200h. Actual mileage will vary.

[3] Estimations based on total global sales of Lexus hybrid models v. its gas version or an equivalent, the EPA combined MPG rating, driven 10,000 per year, calculated through 2014.

[4]  Est. based on total global sales of Lexus hybrid models vs. its gas version or equivalent.


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