Fight Gas Prices with a Hybrid from Peterson Lexus

Peterson Lexus of Boise has been a constant when it comes to selling Hybrid vehicles.  We have the inventory and knowledge to help you with your next hybrid.



The New 2013 Lexus CT 200h

2013 CT 200h

An impressive compact car with sporty handling and an attractive price.

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  • The highest combined fuel-efficiency rating of any luxury vehicle at 42 MPG.
  • In ECO mode, the throttle response is modified and climate control is optimized for efficiency.  In EV  mode, the CT can run on battery power alone for short distances, at low speeds under certain conditions.  Because the gasoline engine is not engaged, noise is minimized and emissions are eliminated.
  • A variety of ecological materials and practices are used in the creation of the CT including floor mats composed of 30% plant-based sources and a painting process specifically designed to reduce environmental impact.
  • 90% of the CT can be recycled, it will not only influence vehicles of the future, it will also help build them.




 The New 2013 RX 450h


 Experience the most efficient RX Hybrid to date without sacrificing performance.

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  • The 2013 RX 450h features a 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine that works differently than conventional engines to convert more of the energy generated during combustion into mechanical energy.
  • To encourage a more efficient driving style, the RX 450h features an ECO mode that optimizes the air conditioning’s system and regulates the throttle response for more efficient acceleration.
  • Under certain conditions, the RX 450h can be operated in EV mode where it can function on battery power alone—a particularly useful feature when driving in residential areas at night and in enclosed areas like parking garages.
  • The RX 450h has an EPA fuel mileage rating of 32/28 city/highway and 30 combined for the FWD model, while the AWD version has estimates of 30/28/29.


The New 2013 GS 450h

GS450h Hybird from autoevolution

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Where exhilaration meets efficiency.

  • While its 34 MPG highway rating and SULEV II emission status might be the envy of many 2.0-liter compacts, don’t assume performance was somehow sacrificed in the development of the GS 450h.
  • Equipped with the world’s first direct-injected Atkinson-cycle engine and dual hybrid-motor system for greater response, it boasts a 0-to-60 time of just 5.6 seconds.
  • The GS Hybrid generates the G-forces of a high-performance V8.
  • Choose your level of intensity with five modes to choose from, you can make your ride more efficient or exhilarating with a simple turn of the switch.


 Peterson Lexus of Boise

For more information on the Hybrids that Lexus has to offer come into Peterson Lexus today.  We are located at 9055 W. Fairview Avenue Boise, Idaho 83704.  Check out our inventory online.





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