Happy 87th Anniversary

87 Years  Ago This Month

Anniversary Sale LogoWe’re always fascinated by our long history. Fortunately for us Marvin Peterson continues to give us history lessons on our beginnings. At 87, he’s the same age as Peterson Motor Company so we are asking him questions all the time. This February marks our 87th anniversary so we thought we’d take a stroll down memory lane!

It all started when LG Peterson started Peterson Motors on the corner of 12th and Main in downtown Boise in February 1928 as a Durant Dealer and Distributor. During the Great Depression, early 1930’s, Durant went through bankruptcy so LG made the move in 1933 to become Idaho’s Hudson Distributor and Dealer. Marvin—LG’s son, born the same year Peterson Motors opened—began working for his Dad in his teens. We call Marvin “Mr. P” and love that his story began the same year as Peterson Motors in 1928.

In 1950, at the age of 22, Mr. P formed a partnership to run the dealership with his dad. After a few years, LG decided to focus on real estate in California while maintaining a silent partnership in the dealership. Mr. P would make a series of strategic moves that helped grow the company over the next few decades. One of them being bringing his son Mark in to help run the dealership in 1984.


Marvin Peterson, October 1950 with a 1951 Hudson Commodore 6.

We are currently on our fifth generation and Marvin “Mr. P” Peterson still comes to work every day. Brady Peterson—Mark’s son— is the General Manager of our Lexus store and the youngest son Nils Peterson, a recent college graduate, helps manage the used car department. Serving this community for the last 87 years has been a blast and from Peterson Lexus, we say thanks for helping us make great memories.


87th Anniversary – (from left to right) Mark Peterson, Mr. P, Nils Peterson, Brady Peterson.


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