Hot and Cold Winter Getaways

Summer is over and fall weather is fast approaching.  Winter in Idaho will be here before you know it.  In the midst of the long winter months some may experienece  that ache to get away from it all. Maybe you love the cold and would like to go on a skiing.  Some people prefer to thaw out and are drawn to the sun like a moth to a flame. Here are some “Hot & Cold ” Destinations that Peterson Lexus recommends.

 For Those Who Don’t Mind the Cold

Cold: Alaska’s Northern Lights

Alaska is cold in the winter, we understand that.  However, Fairbanks claims to have the best spot for viewing the Northern Lights.  The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon found in both the northern and southern hemishpere.  What are the Northern Lights? “… electrically charged particles from the sun collide with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, they cause the atmospheric atoms and ions to radiate different colors and bands of light.”


Cold: Park City, Utah

Just a  quick day drive from Idaho are the  mountains of Utah.  Park City, Utah offers three world-class resorts and over 100 restaurants.  Known to have “The Greatest Snow on Earth” Park City has 426 runs, bowls and parks and 58 lifts.  There is something for everyone from beginners to expert skiers.  Not only does Park City have skiiing but they have many other events and cultural activities as well.



If Warm Weather is More Your Style

Hot: Hawaii

Sit back and relax as you enjoy the serene seascapes…soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast…or watching surfing on the legendary North Shore.  Any one of the six Hawaiian Islands would make for a great winter getaway!  The warm, tranquil waters and sunny days will renew you.    Whether it is whale watching in Maui or exploring the volcano on the Big Island, Hawaii offers a distinct experience that will entice any traveler.


Hot: New Zealand

It doesn’t have to be winter in Idaho to visit New Zealand it is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.  As well as beautiful terrain, New Zealand is also a great place to satisfy your inner adrealine rush.  For those who love adventure you could try dozens of activities including: bungee jumping, rock climbing, sky diving, parachuting, cave rafting and much more.



In the months ahead remember that sunlight can be powerful.  On days when the sun is out, bundle up and feel the rays on your face or go visit one of these amazing  places.  What is your favorite winter getaway?

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