The Lexus RX vs. the Audi Q5

Oftentimes we have clients who are looking at the Lexus RX 350 and want to take a look at the Audi Q5 as well.  Here are a few facts that the Lexus Insider has put together when comparing the two vehicles.


A Few Key Points:

  • The RX350 received an “Excellent” value rating from Intellichoice, the Q5 3.0T received a “Poor” value rating.

  • The RX 350 has been refined over three generations; the Q5 is in is first generation and lacks the track record of the Lexus.

  • Depreciation, maintenance and repair costs are high for Q5; 5 year ownership is predicted to be $7,000 more than the RX350.

  • With popular options, the 4 cyl. Q5 has a MSRP like an RX 350, while a V6 Q5 with popular options is priced much    higher.

  • The RX350 has far more cargo space than the Q5, behind the 2nd row seat, and behind the 1st row, with the 2nd row folded.

  • Q5 V6 needs a supercharger, premium fuel and a “stop-start” system to achieve power and EPA estimates similar to RX 350.

  • For efficiency and performance, guests can have confidence in RX 450h’s proven drivetrain; the Q5 hybrid has little track record.

  • The RX 350 is equipped with 10 standard with 10 standard airbags; the Audi Q5 come standard with six airbags.

  • RX 350 is supported by an award-winning network of dealers; Audi dealers lack this reputation for excellence.

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Read what Lexus Insider said the advantages over the Audi Q5 are:

  • Over 5 years, the RX is predicted to cost $7,000 less than Q5

  • Both RX and RXH start at thousands less than a comparable Q5 or Q5 Hybrid

  • The spacious RX has 38+ cu. ft more passenger room, and 10+  cu ft more cargo room than Q5

  • RX protects occupants better with 10 standard airbags, while the Q5 only offers 6

  • The RX has been refined over three generations: the Q5 is the only in its first iteration

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