Winter Tires vs. All Season Tires

It’s been a rare winter here in Boise and Southern Idaho. I mean really, how many times in the past several years have you even questioned getting into your neighborhood or getting out of your driveway? The answer, probably never. It seems the pattern has been — snow, freeze, snow, rain, freeze, repeat, making for the most challenging driving conditions we’ve seen in the last several decades.

If you own a car you’ve probably come to a realization that SUV’s here in Idaho are an important tool in getting us to our destinations safely. With all the snow we’ve received, traction becomes a daily battle especially when starting and stopping. A big part of traction are the tires we put on our cars, trucks and SUV’s. So, with that in mind, here’s a video that compares all season tires to winter tires. I’m sure you’ll recognize the white stuff on the ground since that’s all we’ve seen the past few months. Enjoy.



Peterson Lexus of Boise


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